why wordpress

Designs by Sandbox specializes in creating website designs that are built on a WordPress platform.

WordPress has indeed become a highly popular content management system, and for the right reasons. It was initially created to serve bloggers, and it did such a good job that today even large enterprises use the platform to build an outstanding online presence. WordPress is flexible, rock solid and easy to use, but I believe that what truly made a difference for WordPress is the availability of high quality themes and plugins. Today you can extend the features and designs of the basic WordPress installation in ways that seem almost supernatural.

Tripwire Magazine – from an article by Anders on May 20, 2013

If you thought WordPress was “just for bloggers”… think again!

  • Here is a news company that you’ll recognize whose website is powered by WordPress – cnn.com
  • Here is an online shopping service that you’ll recognize whose website is powered by WordPress – ebay.com
  • Here is an automobile company that you’ll recognize whose website is powered by WordPress – gm.com

Whether a Fortune 500 company, or a small business entrepreneur, a website developed for the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) enables a client to maintain, modify and update their own site without need for specialized software. Upon delivery of a website developed by Designs by Sandbox, a client is given an administrator’s login (or multiple logins, if desired) to their new website, which will enable them to update content from any computer with internet access.

There are many WordPress development and support resources readily available, free of cost. In fact, there are so many resources that it can seem overwhelming at first. When Designs by Sandbox delivers a new website to a client, the delivery documentation includes links to online resources that directly relate to that client’s need for support.

Why WordPress? Because the possibilities are endless! When we build a site for you on the WordPress platform, we give you wings. How far you fly is up to you. Give it a try… what new horizons await? Contact us to get started….