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How will you best communicate your story on the web? We offer clean and easy-to-navigate designs for WordPress websites, enabling you to deliver your message to the general public efficiently. Here’s how…

Who is your primary target audience? Who is your secondary target audience? Let’s step into the shoes of each of those users, and decide what kind of information they will seek when visiting your website.

Websites are dynamic. What is a realistic expectation for the frequency with which you will be updating your new website? How will your website draw the attention of your target audiences, and encourage them to return repeatedly?

After exploring these questions, the Designs by Sandbox team will outline a plan for designing and building your new website, and will research the tools available to support the proposed design.

What sets your business apart from other companies? How can you attract the clients that you know you are ready to serve well? The design elements of your website and marketing materials are key factors when answering these questions.

Designs by Sandbox will present two concepts for the overall feel of your new website. Both website concepts presented will include homepage, typical interior page, and navigation schema.

Based on your feedback during Phase 2, development will proceed to design and build your new website within a folder of our own website. This folder is your personalized sandbox. Adjustments can be made in this fully-functional development site before going live to your own domain.

Domain name registry and web hosting are not included in the scope of our services. There are several reputable and very affordable options, and the Designs by Sandbox team is happy to offer our opinion of the current best available services, as clients research their options.

When developing a new website, we first work with a client in the sandbox, and then we hand that client the keys to their new sandcastle, and give them the ability to manage their own website independently. Additional support services are not required for acceptance of our website development proposal.

However, with time… if the sands happen to shift in a way that seems too difficult to manage, we have our trusty red sand shovel ready to help.

Websites are dynamic communication tools, and new technologies are constantly evolving. Some clients are quite comfortable with WordPress technology. Others are less comfortable. If you are interested in either an annual service plan for technical support, or an a-la-carte service plan, please contact us to discuss further.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or refreshing an existing website, we’d be happy to discuss your project and then provide a detailed proposal for your website development.