A website is a dynamic marketing tool. An effective website clearly states the organization’s mission, supports a client’s business objectives, and meets the needs of its target audience. Meet a few of our Designs by Sandbox clients …


The advertisement value of a website is an important consideration. The SiteMaestro team is comprised of extremely talented software developers. While working with the SiteMaestro team to design their new website, our mission was to develop a site that offers a modern professionalism to the public, and also dovetails nicely with the technical resources available to SiteMaestro customers.


To learn more about SiteMaestro, please visit

Steven Leahy

Steven Leahy is a photorealistic airbrush artist who specializes in creating miniature scale masterpieces. Designs by Sandbox was thrilled to work with Steven to develop a website that could serve as an online portfolio, and also support an active blog. (A WordPress website was a perfect solution to meet these needs!)


To learn more about Steven Leahy, please visit his website

Southern Maryland Community Resources, Inc

Most of the website development work that our Designs by Sandbox team has completed thus far has been generated from referrals by previous clients. We are very grateful, thank you!! For example, Liz from UCR shared our name with Bonnie and Andy of SMCR.

Southern Maryland Community Resources (SMCR), Inc, is a private non-profit organization that promotes the inclusion of persons with developmental differences into the life of the community. SMCR's business structure is very similar to UCR's business. The two organizations share the same mission, but serve different geographic regions of Maryland, and operate independently of each other.

When designing and building any new website, our team's objective is to create a communication tool that meets the needs of the client's administrative team, yet reflects the unique personality of that organization. Both the design and the content organization of a website can tell that story for a business. The differences between the SMCR website and the UCR website offer an example of this.


It was truly a pleasure to work with Bonnie and Andy to develop the SMCR website. To learn more about SMCR, please visit

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Upcounty Community Resources, Inc

Upcounty Community Resources, Inc, is a private non-profit organization that offers innovative programs, events, and social opportunities for adults with developmental differences. Our Designs by Sandbox team enjoyed working with UCR's Director, Liz Demaree, to design a logo for this new venture, and to design and build a website that serves to inform members of upcoming events, to allow them to easily register for those events, and to educate the general public of the UCR mission.


To learn more about Upcounty Community Resources, please visit

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Blue-move International Relocation, Inc

BLUEmove International Relocation is a full-service international moving and move management company headquartered in the Washington, D.C.-metropolitan area. The company is small enough to care about each individual's, family’s or organization's move, while being large enough to personalize the services required for a client's needs around the globe.


For more information about BLUEmove International Relocation, please visit their website at

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Threaded Cross

The Threaded Cross website was our first foray into building an eCommerce website for a client. The two main objectives of this website are to communicate the mission of the company, and to provide an online store for their products. The online store on this website is powered by WooCommerce, which is an eCommerce plugin for Wordpress.

We highly recommend the very comfortable socks available from this website, and are pleased to support the Threaded Cross mission of providing Socks for Souls! For every pair of socks purchased, a pair of white crew socks is donated to a homeless shelter.

threaded cross

To learn more about Threaded Cross, please visit

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The Dance Academy of Bartlett

Websites show the personality of a business. We loved working with Tracy Hannon, Owner/Director of The Dance Academy of Bartlett, to design and build a website that reflects both the art and the professionalism of her business.


To learn more about the Dance Academy of Bartlett, please visit

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Sig Socks

Sometimes a client just needs a simple presence on the web. Sig Socks is a client for whom we have done several print design jobs. They asked for a 1-page website that would merely serve as an online business card. This is a quick and easy way to publicly validate a business -

sig logo landing page

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Paul King, MD

Dr. King is an orthopaedic surgeon who was looking for an effective way to share educational resources with his patients. Our objective was to design and build a website that allowed Dr. King to tailor several different media resources he wished to provide for his patients, including instructional videos from a medical instructional video company, and to also serve as a public resume of his professional experience.


For more information about Paul J. King, MD, please visit his website, Based on personal experience, we are pleased to offer high praise for Dr. King's skills as a surgeon specializing in knees and hips, and for his kind and gentle manner as a physician.

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Teelin Irish Dance is a website that can be credited as the inspiration for starting Designs by Sandbox's website development services. The original Teelin website was built by Meg in 2005 using Frontpage, and then redesigned in partnership with Katie in 2009 using Dreamweaver. By mid-2012, as the Wordpress platform was becoming more popular, certain sections of the Teelin website were built in Wordpress in order to facilitate multiple administrators being able to edit content on the site. By October 2013, all sections of the website were moved to the Wordpress platform, with a spiffy new design that ties the many facets of this business together.

Teelin is comprised of both the Teelin School of Irish Dance and the Teelin Irish Dance Company. Some sections of the website are public, and some sections are password-protected for members only. The challenge in building this website was to develop a design that ties the school and the performance company together, yet allows them to meet the needs of separate target audiences, both publicly and privately for members. To do this, we have used multiple installations of Wordpress, and have repeated design elements on each that allow a user to freely move about the site per their needs, without actually knowing that they are accessing multiple websites.


To learn more about Teelin Irish Dance, please visit

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Ken Taylor Industrial Americana

Ken Taylor is a gifted artist who, in our humble opinion, should be counted amongst the legendary "old-time craftsmen" of this world. A visit to Ken's workshop is an opportunity to look at objects with different eyes, to see tools and machine parts transformed for new purpose, seemingly reincarnated into functional artful objects.

Ken is much more comfortable meeting people face-to-face than he is communicating through the internet. In building a website for his business, K. Taylor Designs, our goal was to provide a portfolio overview and to intrigue viewers with a brief introduction to Ken, thereby encouraging them to meet him in person.


For more information about Ken Taylor, please visit his website at

Connecting people to people is one of the main objectives of our business at Designs by Sandbox. The tools we build help to make those connections.

We also really enjoy getting to know our clients! So we'll share some stories here on our website portfolio page to introduce our clients to you. If you missed the first introduction, read about Catsh Photography here.

More to come... we hope you have a very happy Independence Day!

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Catsh Photography

Catsh Photography sought a professional website with easy-to-manage portfolio galleries. Their design choices gravitated toward a website design with as much white space as possible, thereby highlighting the image galleries available on the site.


Should you be interested, we are pleased to offer a strong recommendation for the professional photography services of Catsh Photography. Catsh has the ability to provide high quality images for your own website's profile page, or for displaying your products, or simply for adding visual aesthetics supportive of your website's mission. Browse their work... they may even have some commercial images available that fit your needs.

For more information about Catsh Photography, please visit their website at

To see additional examples of Designs by Sandbox websites and graphic design projects, browse our stuff...

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Nelson & Pelura, LLC

As new small business entrepreneurs, we at Designs by Sandbox greatly appreciate the expertise of a tax accounting firm that understands our mission. Likewise, we were very pleased to work with Nelson & Pelura, LLC, to design and build a website that meets the needs of their firm.

If you are in the need of tax and accounting services, especially if you are a small business owner, we are pleased to recommend Nelson & Pelura, LLC.


For more information, please visit

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Joe Duffey Dance

Joe Duffey is a talented young artist who wanted a website that would serve both as an online professional resume, and also as a news platform for the activities of his exciting new performance company, Joe Duffey Dance. Designs by Sandbox worked with Joe to design a site that highlights his career, and that can easily incorporate both images and videos. The Wordpress platform is perfect for this objective!


We are grateful to Joe for his trust in our team, as he was one of Designs by Sandbox's first official clients. To learn more about Joe, please visit

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